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#Birthing essential: everything you need to know about conscious birth [ebook]



#Birthing essential: All you need to know about conscious birth is 110 pages of explosive mixture: reliable, up-to-date knowledge + a powerful dose of strengthening your self-confidence = a complete, solid base for your preparation for a good birth, that is, birth in your own way.

The clear layout of as many as 51 questions and answers, consistent with the chronology of the birth process – from preparation, through the beginnings, active birth action, to the first days after delivery – allows for easy navigation and finding the necessary information in seconds. It works great both for swallowing from start to finish and for plucking at random 🙂

Take birth into your own hands! #Birthing essential will provide you with a complete set of tools for this.


Reviews about the #Birthing essential:

#Niezbędnik is GREAT! Written in an accessible language, it reads like a novel. It is full of warmth and humor and at the same time valuable information. You skillfully combine psychological and physiological aspects, so there is a really nice balance.” Hania Otffinowska, mom to be

„Although I have the impression that I have already read the entire Internet 😉 here probably everything you need to know is collected, and described in a very cool, accessible language and it is reliable and up-to-date knowledge. I really like the emphasis on the naturalness and physiology of childbirth. Really cool! ♥️ ” Kasia Sulewska, mom to be

„Yesterday I only devoured (or as much as) 14 pages [#Birthing essential] because you can’t just read it and close it. Immediately in my head I answered various questions and analyzed. I devour every page and have already recommended this purchase to two future mothers. My knowledge from childbirth school and positive attitude were not even 1/10 of what I learned from you in such a short time, and I am still unsatisfied. I like that you highlighted important things with a different font or color, and I don’t have to do it myself :).”  Edyta Malinowska, a mother waiting for her second daughter

„Thanks in large part to you, my second birth was beautiful, and I felt well prepared for it. The birth ebook and the anxiety workbook gave me a lot until I was surprised by my assertiveness and proactivity (a gray mouse on a daily basis) in the preparation and during the birth itself in the hospital. Thanks again! I not only took knowledge, but I developed a sense of responsibility and agency, and this translates into all other areas of life. It’s good that you’re doing what you’re doing!” Ula Fiedkiewicz

„I just finished reading your Birth Essentials. I am very grateful to you for him! 🙂 A lot of interesting and important information is contained in your e-book, and the loose language you use makes the whole thing very accessible. (…) The phases of childbirth quoted and described by you are simply brilliant – such a classification is for me much more pictorial than the traditional one and goes straight to my heart! 🙂 The part about the emotions associated with the stay in the hospital was also extremely valuable to me – I took the various steps you wrote about and some really surprising things came out.” Małgosia Kłunejko

„I have read and I must admit that I am very positively surprised. In fact, #Birthing essential has therapeutic power, especially since it is written without taboos and without bloating, just like that. In general, I am very satisfied with the purchase” Aneta Sewastynowicz


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